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Marion Luna Brem founded Love Chrysler Plymouth in August 1989 in Corpus Christi, TX. With no facility, no equipment, no auto parts, no furnishings, no computers, no employees and no cars for sale, she had only the rights to the franchise which she purchased with her strong sales resume (2 1/2 years leading an all-male sales team in Dallas, TX before being promoted to management) and the confidence of a private investor. Within 5 years, all debts were retired and a second dealership, Love Chrysler Dodge Jeep was purchased in Alice, TX, giving her access to a truck line, all too important in South Texas. With the demise of Plymouth, after a hard fought struggle, she acquired the rights to a Jeep franchise in Corpus Christi to pair with Chrysler. Her real estate acquisitions and public speaking invitations were natural spin offs. And soon after sharing her experience and strength on the speaking circuit, she pursued publishing opportunities. All was good, UNTIL: 2009! With Chrysler in bankruptcy, dealerships boarding windows by the hundreds and auto-loan lenders in peril, she called on her strongest resources, resilience paired with creativity. Selling off some assets to protect others, reorganizing her entire organization including product mix, she proved once again that every obstacle, no matter how big, is only an opportunity disguised. Her induction into The Automotive Hall of Fame is proof.In Women Make the Best Salesmen, she shares sales stratagems that catapulted her from selling her first car to owning her first car dealership in less than 5 years! Doing so in the male-dominated auto industry makes her advice all the more valuable. And her BEST critics by the way? Men! She has been cited and quoted in numerous other books. In How to Become a Millionaire for example, she punctuates the same themes she so passionately speaks about to audiences worldwide: “Courage is a decision.” “Your ‘someday’ is NOW!” “Making clients happy AND making money ARE compatible.”

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