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Women Make The Best Salesman and The 7 Greatest Truths About Successful Women


In WOMEN MAKE THE BEST SALESMEN, Marion Luna Brem reveals the secrets and subtleties of buying, selling, assisting, and persuading that she's learned from a lifetime in sales. The fact is we are all salesmen - whether we are selling our selves at a job interview or operating a register at a department store, trying to get our children into a special program or looking for a lifelong companion. And women, with their natural social skills, have advantages both sexes can learn from.

Using examples from her own business and life, Brem reveals how to show "customers" how you can help them achieve their goals, how to turn a no into a yes, and much much more.

Women Make The Best Salesmen
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The 7 Greatest Truths About Successful Women
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I've been called a survivor. In truth, I'm not living life to survive. I'm living life to thrive. Every day I celebrate what has been called my "indomitable spirit." I have overcome tremendous obstacles to realize my dreams and I feel inspired to help you do the same.

This book is about sharing tried-and-true recipes for success. But best of all, with the inspiration and practical guidance within its pages, you'll be able to decide on which ingredients are right for you. My sincerest wish is that you will be inspired to tap into your own creativity to sell yourself a life of financial independence, professional freedom, and personal joy.

-Marion Luna Brem